Thursday, 17 April 2014

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mobile surgery in Solihull today

Thanks to everybody who took the time to talk to the mobile surgery team today - tomorrow they will be in Burton Upon Trent from 10am onwards 

Speech in Strasbourg - European Commission: Hands off our pensions!

Speech in Strasbourg, 15th April 2014

One of the three policy options being discussed as a means of addressing problem surrounding the acquisition and preservation of pension rights, is legislation at EU level.

Nothing would alarm my constituents in the West Midlands more than this.

The use of best practices in a free and competitive market has always ensured the supremacy of the City of London in the financial services centre.

Competition and innovation have ensured that British businesses have always led the way.

As the work force becomes more mobile, it is the innovators, not legislators that we look to, to find the answers to the new challenges.

Innovation creates. Legislation stifles.

The idea of having pensions legislated by the same people who brought us the Eurozone crisis will chill the hearts of most people. My message to  the European Commission is this (to parody an old saying), "Go and legislate on your own doorstep, hands off our pensions".

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Mobile surgery in Lichfield Market today

Another great day for the team, the spell of fantastic weather is helping! Residents in Lichfield are gravely concerned about HS2.

Tomorrow the mobile surgery team are on Solihull High Street from 10am onwards - have your say! 

Demanding Justice for the 96 - A speech in Strasbourg

Speech in Strasbourg, 15th April 2014:

"25 years ago today, I went to a football match along with thousands of Liverpool supporters. 96 of us never came home. The fans were expectant. West Yorkshire police were negligent. The fans died. The police lied. Justice for the 96. You'll never walk alone."

Mobile surgery in Lichfield Marketplace today

Speech in Strasbourg - the Conservatives are costing us jobs in Europe

I commend Mrs McIntyre for her efforts in this report and I share with her my desire for greater success for small and medium enterprises and indeed, their ability to create jobs. In the UK, SMEs create up to 43% of the workforce, the highest ratio.

We differ, however, in how we go about it. She obviously believes that she can achieve this from within the EU, in one of her Conservative Parties many hopes for reform. I feel this is unlikely.

When we attended, with Mr Phil Bennion, a FSB hustings in Birmingham in 2009, the FSB, the Federation of Small Businesses, their manifesto said please no more legislation from the European Union – please cut the red tape. 

Ms McIntyre, in the two and a half years you’ve been here, you’ve failed to cut one piece of red tape, and indeed, Mr Rubig, who submitted the question, talks about gold-plating. Well the UK leads gold-plating and this Conservative Government hasn’t done one thing to cut gold-plating. 

The Conservative Government is losing us jobs in Europe.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Working hard for you

Sometimes one vote is all that is needed to stop or slow down #EU legislation. Sometimes that's my vote 

Mobile surgery in Stourbridge today

 A great day in Stourbridge for the team - lots of people wanting to know more about my role as an MEP for Stourbridge. 

The team will be heading to Lichfield market tomorrow from 10am onwards - Have Your Say on EU membership with my team!

Spotted in Birmingham

Saturday, 12 April 2014

An afternoon at Hereford United Football Club

It was a fantastic afternoon at Hereford United football club. The scoreline was bitterly disappointing however.

The Hereford United fans were impeccable in their minutes silence for Hillsborough victims. 

I also had the pleasure of meeting Hereford United legend Ronnie Radford - for the love of Ronnie Radford, we need to save this club!